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77 Sands Blvd, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Reservations call 877-726-3777

Use booking code GSK0318

Deadline is February 4th 2018


  1. How much is entry?    $15 at the door. Cash only. 
  2. Can I get tattooed at this event?   Quick answer is YES, however some artists may already be booked.    We have 155 tattooers this year so there is plenty  of talent to choose from. 
  3. If I have an appointment with an artist must I still pay?   Normally, yes.  Your artist might have a pass for you. Check with them. 
  4. Can I use my credit card with my tattooer?  Some vendors do accept credit cards and PayPal, others don’t.  Check with them. 
  5. Can kids attend?  Yes, 13 and under are free.   No tattooing will be performed on minors during this event. 
  6. If my artist is booked and I leave, can I come back later that day?   Yes, but you must have your wristband on and intact.   We can not replace wristbands.
  7. If I set up a tattoo with an artist for the following day, must I pay again?  Yes, however your artist may have a pass for you. 
  8. Can I buy a weekend pass?   Sure….. 3 day passes are $30.

Purchase tickets ONLINE:

Events & Seminars


Veritas Tattoo Machine Seminar

Email [email protected] to book this seminar

 Pabst Gallery

Every year at Skindustry expo we have gallery space available for the tattoo artists to display and sell artworks they have created. Some artists even donate their pieces to the charity auction, where all proceeds go to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.
The auction is a great way to get some original artwork from super talented artists at incredibly discounted prices.  You can feel good knowing that 100% of the money raised go to the charity effort.
For those who are unaware, the Shriner’s Hospital for Children is a non-profit hospital that provides life changing medical care for children at NO COST to the family.

Shirt Wheel

All day Saturday (as long as we have shirts)
Skindustry Expo will have the $1 shirt wheel. Wager a dollar against the wheel.
If you win, pick a shirt.  Simple game. Lots of fun.
Artists are encouraged to donate shirts to this great cause.
All proceeds benefit the Philadelphia-his Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

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Tattoo Contests

-Friday, March 9th 2018-
Black and Grey Tattoo Contests

Black and Grey Body Panel

Large Black and Grey Tattoo

Small Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Realistic Tattoo

Black and Grey Portrait

Line / Dot Work

Tattoo Of The Day

7pm Registration Closes
8pm contest Starts

-Saturday, March 10th 2018-
Color Tattoo Contests

Color Body Panel

Large Color Tattoo

Small Color Tattoo

Color Watercolor

Color Realistic Tattoo

Color Portrait

Color Traditional Tattoo

Tattoo Of The Day

6pm Registration Closes
7pm contest Starts

-Sunday, March 11th 2018-
6pm Tattoo of the day*

-Entry Fees-
Each contest has an entry fee of $5 per category.
TATTOO OF THE DAY entry fee is FREE!

All tattoos must be completely healed except for tattoo of the day!!!

Attending Artists

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